Gina Marie Long, Web Writer & Content Marketing Strategist


Trained web writer, marketing expert, successful business owner, published author of several novels, and certified health and wellness coach.


I work primarily with the health and wellness industry, specializing in web writing, emails and e-newsletters that create authentic, sticky connections. I help businesses pump up their profits.


I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life. Business and marketing are in my blood!


My creativity blossomed as an only child… as a pre-teen I played elaborate “make-believe” games. When the new kid moved in next door (and since I’m capable of having a conversation with a rock!), we became fast friends and often pretended to be “teachers” – complete with a chalkboard and educational books from Mom!


At the age of 13, I set up Long’s Little Library in my bedroom and loaned out books from my reading collection (already showing my entrepreneurial skills).


Throughout my teen years, I read everything in sight, loved horror movies, and experimented with writing. This included poems, short stories, and creating a teen newsletter with celebrity gossip that I mailed to my 30 plus pen pals (wish I could find those old newsletters now…).


I also grew up with parents who were self-employed, running their own business.


I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist since 1986, operating all aspects of running a successful beauty salon (Gina’s Permanent Connection) which I owned for 16 years at the same location, although I “did hair” for many years in other places before this salon. Besides cosmetology skills, as owner/operator I handled secretarial duties, bookkeeping, scheduling, marketing (brochures, flyers, product sales, newspaper ads), and introducing new services/products. In June 2010, I sold the shop and immersed myself into writing full-time, which I had previously written on a part-time basis.


So, yeah, my entrepreneurial mentality and experience run deep and wide.


Insider Tip: My married name is Gina Boekhout – just in case you “Google” me and see that last name listed with any results (if you search “Gina Marie Long” you will see pages of results). However, I do use my maiden name, Gina Marie Long, for my writing business. (Gee, I wonder why I chose to use Long instead of Boekhout?!)


As an indie author/publisher, I write young adult, urban fantasy, paranormal thrillers. I have six published books.


I’ve created several websites and have an intermediate knowledge of the WordPress platform plus some design skills. But, I am not an official web designer… that’s a whole different ballgame (and business)! I work with web designers provided by the client or I have my own short list of designers I can contact for client projects.


Websites I’ve created and maintain: a cat care website called Cats the Boss, my author website, an exercise tips/blog site, my web copywriter site, and my health and wellness coaching site called Wellness Actions. I consider these sites as prime examples of my work/abilities… so, do take note of them!


Need content? I’ve previously written articles (2 per week) as the Speculative Fiction Examiner for St. Louis, MO (their name has changed to





Back during the dot com boom, I worked as a dealer (and for several years did this). and (a division of Worldprofit) offer internet marketing and website packages for small to medium sized businesses. At that time, to promote their services, I created two websites: Cyber City Promotions and Cyber City Success.


I’ve been a fitness fanatic since I was about 12 years old. Yes, I exercised to Jane Fonda’s workout! My living room looks like a gym, complete with a Bowflex, treadmill, weights, stability ball, resistance bands, Beachbody DVDs… you name it!


I watch what we eat, create healthy menu plans and am quite the carb-counting queen – my husband is a diabetic.


As such, with the vast experience, knowledge and enthusiasm I have in wellness, I became a Certified Health and Wellness Coach and a Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist. It perfectly compliments my copywriting niche and gives me more street cred!


I’ve been trained by the best in the copywriting industry by completing the following courses (some of the experts: Nick Usborne, Steve Slaunwhite, Michael Katz, Ed Gandia, Jay White, Pam Foster, Brian Clark, to name a few):

Independent Coursework:

  • Copywriting 2.0-Complete Guide to Writing Web Copy that Converts
  • Copywriting for a Cause (Cause Marketing)
  • Creating Email Newsletters for Professional Firms
  • B2B Copywriting Intensive
  • Secrets of Writing High Performance B2B Copy
  • Email Copy Made Easy
  • Social Media Marketing Expert
  • Writing Case Studies
  • Secrets of Becoming an Internet Research Specialist
  • Site Audits Made Simple
  • Working Effectively with Web Clients
  • How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites
  • Content Mastery-Content Marketing Specialist
  • Freelance Writing Business Success
  • Writing for the Health Market Program
  • Getting Clients Roadmap


To keep up with current trends and to continually increase my knowledge in marketing, I’m a member of the following:

>>American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI)

>>The Barefoot Writer

>>An Alliance of Young Adult Authors

>>American Fitness Professionals and Associates


In conclusion… I don’t think I can get any more authentic than I have here… which is what my entire “message” is all about: “Authentic connections equal bigger profits. Be real, be clear, or be lost.” The purpose of this Meet Gina page is to allow you to see the REAL ME, showcase my background, and the many ways I can help your business prosper. So, let’s get the ball rolling and work together in building your own relationships with your prospects; spotlight your “cool-factor”, and persuade prospects to take action by buying your products or services!


I offer a FREE 45 minute initial consultation to determine how I can help you reach your goals. Not into phone calls? No problem. Email works for me, too. I can write up a proposal and there is no obligation to buy.