High-Quality Internet Research Delivers Relevant Info for Your Projects

Save TIME by hiring an Internet Researcher


Time is one of your most valuable resources which disappears far too quickly. There is tons of information out there. Millions of new pages are created daily. It takes time to sort through everything to find the exact information needed.


Internet Research


Thousands of companies can benefit from hiring an Internet Researcher to gather valuable information for important projects. Companies who outsource research services, gain back hours in their day and money in the bank. That extra time or money can be put toward other projects, working on what you do best or what you prefer to spend your time on, instead of surfing the internet for hours trying to locate information.


Not only will I provide the information, articles, statistics (whatever my research results discover), I will include the source URL for you to directly click through and review where the information originated from.


We start with a Research Request Document which usually focuses on a central theme including keywords. You fill it out and send it back to me.


I find quality information that should be valuable to your project. I do not judge and do not tell you what information to use. I copy and paste the information and articles into a Research Deliverable Document, including the resource URL. (This is normally a Word document.)


I send this document to you and wow you with all the keyword-specific results I’ve discovered, providing an ample supply of material for your important project.


At that time, you may request additional research in a certain area or tell me you have what you need. And I bill for the actual hours I’ve worked.


Each research project is a bit different depending on the client’s needs. One research project may take five hours and another two weeks. Some companies may tell me to spend a set number of hours on research (depending on their budget). Another company might request that I work on researching their subject for a week and review what results I’ve come up with at that point and go from there.



I offer several writing services, too, depending on what you are trying to accomplish with the internet research material I come up with. Keep that in mind and perhaps you don’t need to hire an additional person for your writing projects.


Ready? I offer a FREE 45 minute initial consultation to determine how I can help you reach your goals. Not into phone calls? No problem. Email works for me, too. I can write up a proposal and there is no obligation to buy.


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