Have a Site Audit performed to learn how your content performs on the main pages of your site


Site Analysis


Includes Analysis, Review, and Report with Recommendations


• Content evaluated using The 5 C’s of Content That Works Formula: Clear, Consistent, Customer-focused, Competitive and Conversion-optimized

• Determine if content is user-friendly; measured against a 35 – 43 Point Usability Checklist

• SEO Check: how well your site is optimized to attract search engines and traffic

• Sales Flow Check: how well your content is written and presented to generate leads or sales orders

• Screen shots of your pages, with explanations of what’s working, what to improve

• Report on your Google rankings and what’s displayed when you appear, with recommendations for improvement (includes a review of your competitors)


It’s all about content performance


This means I’m looking at how your content reads, if it catches the attention of your target audience, how it guides people through the sales process, if it is clear and focused, and if it drives the desirable action from your prospects.


I’m evaluating how the content is positioned to attract people, reviewing search engine results, how your competition stacks up against you and ways to spotlight your business.


I offer professional recommendations for fixing the content areas that are not working the best… items that can be changed, moved around, deleted, or added to your web pages.


To better help me understand what your site is all about I will send you a Strategic Site Audit Brief to complete. Some of the questions include:

  • The Primary Purpose of your website — what you want visitors to do
  • Business marketing and sales goals for your web pages
  • The Audience — describe the ideal/target customer: who are these web pages for
  • The Competition — who you believe are the major competitors in your industry
  • What’s the main UNIQUE solution only your website can offer
  • What obstacles and objections need to be overcome for success


If a site isn’t user-friendly and doesn’t make some kind of emotional connection (even if the prospect isn’t consciously “aware” that the content is doing this), then messages won’t be seen because people will give up and go to another site. On average, you have about two SECONDS to catch their attention.


Are you giving your visitors what they are expecting when they land at your website? Do you give them a solution to their question or problem?


And just a reminder: Even an optimized site is never ― “done.” Regular updates, articles, newsletters, blogs, etc. keep your site fresh and give customers a reason to return often (search engines like it too).


I look forward to playing a partnership role with site enhancements that help you stay ahead of the competition. Let’s dive in and analyze your website!


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