Convince prospects to participate in or support a cause with high-impact, results-driven web copy.


Cause Marketing Campaigns

>>But wait…what exactly is cause marketing? Cause marketing is the partnership between one or more businesses and nonprofits for the mutual goal to support a social or environmental cause. << (How’s that for a formal definition!)


And now…


 7 Key Steps for Successful Cause Marketing:

• Clearly communicates the social benefit of the cause
• Effectively links the social benefit to your brand or business
• Makes it easy to participate
• Creates a sense of urgency for prospects, making them want to
participate immediately
• Invites the audience to be part of a conversation – makes them feel like they’re part of
• Find and communicate with people who already believe in your cause
• Provide social proof as to why this cause is worth supporting and
who it will benefit


Businesses who participate in well-run cause campaigns have higher profit margins. Their reputations shine.  People are aware they exist – the company’s name is familiar. Plus, those businesses are doing something to make a difference in the world with the cause they support. People like to hear that.



If you’re a company ready to launch a cause campaign or resuscitate an existing campaign, let’s chat. There’s no charge to discuss your project and no obligation to buy.


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