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Website target audience


The “Know, Like, Buy” Factor must include:

  1. Planning – how you attract visitors; what makes YOU unique; know your customers’ needs, wants, and desires; fully embrace your brand and platform building; and more.
  2. Website Structure – don’t frustrate website visitors; be user-friendly; have effective navigation; don’t go overboard on images; and more.
  3. Keep Visitor Moving Forward – maintain momentum for prospect until they take action; put information at a point for the most favorable impact; and more.
  4. Clear and Basic Communications – what tone (or voice) you want to convey; make it easy to read; instilling trust; choosing words that are relevant to what your reader is seeking; and more.
  5. Express Value to Visitor – what can you do for the prospect; get to the point; identify visitor’s problem and state how you can solve it; make the answer easy to locate; and more.


Definition of a Landing Page

A short landing page is a single webpage that someone “lands” on as a result of clicking a link. The purpose of the landing page is to evoke a response; such as their contact information, in exchange for a bait piece. The bait piece could be a free report, white paper, case study, downloadable software – something the prospect finds valuable. An effective landing page engages and establishes trust with a visitor. The end result for you, either directly or indirectly at some point, is for the visitor to make a purchase.


Web Content

Core web pages may include the following: HOME, ABOUT US, SERVICES, FAQ, PRESS, CONTACT. Those are only suggestions – after all, it’s YOUR site. I will write fresh, SEO content for an existing site or help create a new website from scratch. I am NOT a graphic designer, but can work with someone of your choosing or I can sub-contract the work to someone I know. I completely created this site, my cat care site, my author site and other sites in the past. If you are satisfied with my design capabilities, and I do possess WordPress skills, then we may not need a separate graphic designer.


Home Page:
SEO/sales content planning and writing. This is the most important page of a website, and is often the most difficult to write. Clear, customer-focused sales copy is the #1 factor in whether or not visitors stay to learn more or leave. This page is optimized with strategic SEO keywords and messages that drive more traffic, boost click rates and increase leads or sales. Includes keyword research.


Information Page:
An “information” page contains good relevant content such as a “How To” article, product reviews, and any other information your prospect might need as part of the decision process. The goal of an information page is not to directly sell something, but to move the sales process forward in some way.


Subscription Page:
Product description is minimal; the focus is more on the benefits the prospect will experience once they complete the transaction.


Sales Page: 
A page that directly sells a product or service. These can range from a short product description page (similar to the ones you see on to a full-blown sales letter.


Optimize Existing Copy (Rewrite):
Rewrite current web copy with good SEO practices and integrate keywords to improve search rankings and increase purchases.


SPECIAL Monthly Website Content Packages: 
To make sure your web site continues being ranked well in search engines, we’ll map out a monthly content plan to add quality blog posts, articles, SEO updates on core pages, and other audience- and search-friendly content.


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