The Benefits of an E-Newsletter for Professional Businesses

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An e-newsletter will:

  • Increase Lead Generation And Cross Selling — An e-newsletter keeps you at the top of mind with your clients and prospects, and allows you to highlight all of your products and services.
  • Increase Client Lifetime Value — Every e-newsletter serves to strengthen connections with your clients and prospects when they’re developed with a genuine, human voice. It’s one of the most valuable relationship-building tools.
  • Offer A Low-Cost, Immediate Method For Sending High-Quality Emails — Your database of email addresses gives us instant access to your respective house list. Besides regularly scheduled e-newsletters, I can help you send alerts, advisories, and messages.
  • Position You As An Expert In Your Industry – A Leader And Innovator — The people reading your e-newsletter have questions… You are the professional with the expertise, the answers, the opinions, the experiences. My goal as the writer is to capture your voice or the voice of the company and provide useful information within the e-newsletters.
  • Open Up A Two-Way Dialogue With Subscribers — Clients and prospects can easily and immediately interact with you. Read their comments, send them any information they requested, and answer questions.
  • Leverage Existing Marketing Efforts — Mention your e-newsletter on all marketing material. When you are trying to figure out what to post on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn (you ARE using social media, right?), point to your e-newsletter, or the latest article in it, or an archive section of your e-newsletters, or to a blog set up on your website that corresponds with an article in your e-newsletter! Word spreads about the value you provide when others re-tweet or re-post what you’ve posted.

Of course, I can’t go without saying the most obvious benefit of using e-newsletters: the savings in printing and mailing costs.

The ideal newsletter:

  • Is different and stands apart from “the crowd”.
  • Is filled with useful, relevant information.
  • Is written in a clear, genuine, human voice.
  • Reflects what it’s like to do business with you.
  • Grows your business by building relationships with clients and prospects.
  • NO hard sales or quick promotions.
  • Offers something people anticipate reading and share with others.


Every client e-newsletter I’m hired to work on begins with completing an E-newsletter Action Plan™ — it’s a form that asks you questions which help me keep track of all the important parts of the creation and specifications of your unique e-newsletter. This one comprehensive document allows me to keep things organized and focused as I publish your e-newsletter month after month.

E-newsletter Strategy and Setup:

Together we develop a voice, style, topics, topics calendar and setup with or or another automated service. The setup includes paying a graphic designer to create a template with header. If we don’t need a graphic designer, the fee is on the lower end.

Individual E-newsletter Issues:

This includes discussing topics, doing research and/or interviews, writing content, formatting, and publishing.


Ask yourself: “What questions do I hear over and over again from my clients or prospects?”

Guess what? Your answers to those questions are the content to your new e-newsletter!

Ready now? Or do you need to review my FAQ?

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