Want to boost profits? Website due for an overhaul? Has your content marketing and social media stalled?

Authentic Customer Connections

Let me help you reach prospects with copy and content that is authentic, clear, and connects! Check out My Services. Below are a few popular projects…

Website Content

Customer-focused content for your website. Convert visitors into buyers. The “Know, Like, Trust” Factor = SALES.

EnewslettersEnewsletters increase client lifetime value. They strengthen connections when developed with a genuine, human voice. Case Studies

Case studies are powerful tools detailing one of your customer’s successes… a Before and After. Gives potential buyers proof of why they should buy from YOU.

My Mission: 

Helping you create authentic connections with prospects which equal bigger profits in your pockets!

And it helps that I’ve been an entrepreneur my entire (adult) life. Business, marketing and research are in my blood…

Your time is valuable and every penny counts. It’s a tough economy and you need your business presence online to thrive… But is it? If you’re struggling with your website or other online marketing materials and frustrated with their poor performance, that’s a costly mistake.

Strategic content marketing is more important than ever to help set yourself apart from your competitors, attract more customers by actually connecting with them, and grow your profits.

Allow me to help you cut through all the craziness and get RESULTS! When I’m writing for YOU, you’ll have more than a writer on your side. You’ll have a strategic marketing ally and trained copywriter with knowledgeable insights into the many ways persuasive, straightforward content can win over your target audience.

I’m in the health and wellness niche, so I’m completely familiar with your industry. I’m a Certified Health and Wellness Coach, a Certified Lifestyle Weight Management Specialist, and a Beachbody coach. And I DO write for other industries, too, like the Pet and Veterinarian niches.

Here’s a quick look at the type of work you can count on me to do for you:

  • Website optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Campaigns
  • Case Studies
  • Blog posts, Articles
  • E-Newsletters
  • Social Media Marketing
  • White Papers

It’s important that you understand I’m not just whipping out generic copy left and right. Every project is unique and individualized. I’m here to do what you need based on your project, in your time frame, capturing the attention of customers you are trying to target. I’m writing sales copy for businesses so they can get better results.

You need a copywriter who uses the following key elements for successful web content that WORKS (and these are only a mere handful of ways I optimize sites and online marketing media):

  • Let your readers know what your website is about in two to three seconds = Clear, compelling copy. Or else they might click away to your competitor’s site.
  • Focus on WIIFM adage, “What’s in it for me?” And that refers to your prospect!
  • The best SEO copywriting is all about writing for your readers. The all-important keywords will naturally rise to the surface, masterfully weaved into the copy.
  • A great copywriter thinks like an architect and knows how each page connects to another. The site structure must be easy to navigate.
  • Content must speak to the emotions of the readers. It’s imperative to know the audience and what they want and feel. Most don’t like “being sold to.”
  • I have plenty of “geek” skills to work smoothly with a web designer and web developer through every phase of a content optimization project.

Great news for you!

You’ve just found a passionate, perceptive web copywriter who brings all of these elements and many more to every web project. I primarily focus on the Health/Wellness industries and the Pet/Veterinarian industries, but am open to other niches as well.