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Blog Posts and Articles – What’s the Difference?

Blog posts are often informal, conversational, and more casual content on a website. They are exclusively digital. Originally, blog posts were written to share a viewpoint or opinion. Nowadays, they are very similar to articles, containing facts and research, too. But, they tend to focus on a narrow aspect of a topic. Blog posts can be any length, but average 300-600 words.

Articles can be print or digital or both. They are usually longer than blog posts and go into more depth on a topic, written to inform, and typically well-researched. They are less conversational, with a more professional, formal style. Articles may have a broader aspect of a topic. They can be any length, but are usually between 500 – 1000 words.

Valuable and Engaging Content

Blog Posts and Articles are content marketing, written to stimulate interest in a product or service — a SOLUTION to a PROBLEM. They are directed at either new customers or to increase business with existing customers. They have practical, relevant information to engage the reader, may include examples, and focus on solving the reader’s most pressing problems.

Most Common Structures for Blog Posts and Articles

  • “How To…[fill in the blank]”. Very popular. States the PROBLEM and offers HOW TO fix it, usually listing several valuable options.
  • Describes a Story with a problem/issue, the Lesson learned, and what Action was taken.
  • The Mind-Changer post. States a general belief many people have about a product/service, but suggests a new, better, more valuable and beneficial way/method (how prospect benefits).
  • Current News about a particular issue… explains what that means to a prospect (interpretation) and how they can use this information to solve their problem.

The Call-To-Action for Blog Posts and Articles gently, softly points the prospect in the proper direction, usually offering a link to click on next for additional information or an option to contact someone.


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