Why Case Studies are Powerful Tools

Customers and investors research products and services before making a decision to purchase. Their time and resources are limited and they need help carving through the overload of marketing information. They want better, faster ways to find easy solutions to their problems.


A case study details one of your current customer’s successes, presented in a “before and after” format. It usually covers who the customer is, describes the company’s challenges, why they chose you, their positive experience with the solution, and the benefits and results.


Before a Solution


AFTER a Solution



The case study gives potential buyers confidence and proof of why they should buy from you. Here are reasons to include case studies in your information and promotion campaign:



We place tremendous importance on the real words of satisfied customers who have bought a product or service and are willing to share their experience. Case studies educate and tell a true story of how a customer solved problems. After reading a current customer’s benefits, potential buyers feel gratified making the right decision in purchasing the same product or service.


Stories Capture Our Attention

We like stories. Especially those that engage a reader by sparking emotions and energy, creating a sense of connection or familiarity. A case study weaves information through the story, adding emotional elements that help the reader retain important facts. Potential customers want to see their challenges and concerns highlighted in marketing material and learn how those issues can be resolved.


Media Coverage

Case studies significantly increase the chance of being published in the media. Publications know their subscribers want to read about actual customers’ success stories explaining how a product or service fixed a problem. Publications appreciate case studies, as they are a completed story, ready to publish. It is difficult grabbing media attention without an interesting “before and after” story.


Many Marketing Uses

Case studies help validate claims stating the benefits of a product or service. Include in newsletters. Use with offers and lead generating campaigns. Material for webinars. Add to white papers. Create a PowerPoint presentation. Print them for trade shows. Post on company website. Training material to help salespeople talk confidently about the product and increase sales as they help prospects justify their purchase.


Faster Sales

Case studies shorten sales cycles by helping potential customers make faster purchasing decisions. They act as an internal sales aid if a buying committee or another boss is involved in the purchase. Customers feel confident the product or service will help improve their situation. Speeding up the sales cycle increases the number of sales and lowers marketing costs for the business… sounds like a darn good idea, don’t you agree?




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