Authentic Connections Equal Profits

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Introduction: How to Create Authentic Web Connections 

Ch. 1 Pet Peeves – What Ticks Off Website Visitors 

Ch. 2 What Changes When You Strive for Authentic Connections? – A Spotlight on Your Business 

Ch. 3 How Do You Woo Your Target Audience? – Beware Offline Marketing Doesn’t Work on the Web 

Ch. 4 Your Business Needs Personality – Show That You Are HUMAN 

Ch. 5 Time to Socialize – People LOVE to Share 

Ch. 6 Support the Same Causes as Your Target Audience – Everyone Benefits

Ch. 7 Be Clear With Your Message – Get To The Point 

Ch. 8 Conclusion – Where To Go From Here? 


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Gina Marie Long, Web Copywriter | Content Marketer