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We waste an immense amount of time on the internet that could be applied to more productive activities. Are you nodding your head “yes”? If you are using social networking sites to increase awareness of a business or organization, then getting all your ducks in a row is a priority. The following is a Facebook time management plan. The goal is to keep focused, prioritize and to utilize your precious time. (Depending on whether you have a Page or Profile, some of the suggestions may lean more towards one than the other.)

  • The moment you arrive at the Facebook Page or Profile, post any pertinent information immediately. Don’t do anything else until you’ve made your post! Getting sidetracked is the #1 problem. If you have an upcoming event, press release, contest, updates about anything, post it. Once that is done, make a big fat checkmark off your to-do list, as connecting with any contacts is critical. Keep your business (whatever that may be) in the forefront of their brains.
  • Review your Page/Profile to see what other people have posted. An option to have posts emailed to you is available under Account/Account Settings/Notifications. You may choose to type a short Reply or Comment to these posts. At the top of the page, an earth icon can be clicked on to see Notifications.
  • An icon at the top of the page allows you to view Messages. Reply to messages at this time so as not to keep your followers waiting too long. Delete any messages no longer needed. Many times messages arrive that you have absolutely no interest in reading. Usually the subject line gives a clue to what the topic involves. Again, if not interested, don’t read. Delete. If possible, when answering messages, keep them short and concise. Condense the conversation. Everyone is guilty of typing messages that are too lengthy and rob us of huge chunks of time.
  • Respond to Friend Requests. It is not necessary to send a personal message to each individual, just click Accept. If you have a Page, then it can automatically accept Fan Requests.
  • Click on the Facebook icon or Home link. Review the page. Check the Suggestions category on the top right to make sure there isn’t some item that needs addressed.
  • Now, you may decide to do some networking. If the idea is to increase exposure for you or your business, start sending out Friend Requests. It’s helpful to add a personal message when sending the Request. If the person has a similar interest, type that in the message space. If you’re sending out numerous Requests to people in the same category of interest, then type the message and copy and paste it into further Requests. That way, you save time by not re-typing the short message over and over.
  • The last suggestion, if you are trying to watch where your time disappears to while on the internet, is on the subject of games and applications. There are many interesting, fun, genius things to do on Facebook. BUT, if your time is very limited then do not get involved playing any of them if you are truly trying to promote your business. Keep in mind, the moment you agree to play a game or get involved in an application, your name will become associated with that particular item. You could then receive many requests to play and have different applications appearing on your Wall, which will detract from your business.   When someone sends an Invite to play a game (or other application) you can click Ignore. You won’t burst into flames just because you ignored a request to play a game!

~~Gina Marie Long, Web Copywriting & Content Marketing