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You’ve made the decision to start a home business. You’re itching to dive into being your own boss…but there’s one significant stumbling block. What are you going to do? What type of business will you start?

Grab a pen and paper and find a quiet spot to sit and focus on your priorities. It’s time to be honest with yourself and evaluate your life and what you truly want to do. As ideas pop into your head, write things down. Pros and cons, likes and dislikes. After all, if you’re opening your very own business, shouldn’t it be something you like?

Visualize an ideal working day. What hours do you prefer to work? Do you like having certain days off? Do you like long or short lunch breaks? Do you like working with people or by yourself? Are you willing to work extra hours or do you prefer being done at an exact time?

In your past jobs, were there tasks you enjoyed doing? Were there tasks you hated doing? Did anyone ever praise your knowledge or efficiency in performing certain tasks? Do you want to do some or all of these same tasks with your own business? There would be virtually no learning curve, as you have experience and you know what to expect. Or would you rather step away from that type of work?

What are your hobbies? Could you see yourself creating an income from any of those hobbies? Do you need additional experience with or knowledge in any favorite activity in order to turn it into a business? What kind of talents and skills do you possess?

Think of your worst work experience or job. List the negative aspects on paper so you can clearly see what to try to steer clear from in opening your own business. Sometimes you may have to bend or compromise a little to get to your end result: being your own boss. It’s difficult to have everything be precisely perfect.

If you’re considering a franchise, a direct-selling opportunity or other business opportunity, review your options thoroughly. Avoid scams. Understand the differences between each type of opportunity. Most of these businesses have rules and policies that you must follow. Look for a company that has been in business for five years or more, as many fail within their first few years of operation. Make sure the service or product is marketable and something of value to people. Has that service or product already saturated the market?

Do you like to sell? Some people enjoy it, others despise it. Many times, travel and unusual working hours are involved with direct-selling, business opportunities and franchises. This twists the idea of a home business into a home-based business, where most of the actual work is performed away from your home.

Is there a service or product in your area that is greatly needed and you have the knowledge, experience and resources to offer it to the community? Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish this town had (fill in the blank).” If you believe you could provide what is missing, and have a desire to do so, you may have struck gold.

How independent are you? How much control do you want to have? Are you disciplined? If you start your own business from scratch, you are the boss and make the decisions.

How much money to you want or need to make? Your answer may guide you towards or away from certain businesses.

We cannot suggest what the best idea is for you in starting a home business. That is your decision. But by opening up your mind and heart to these questions and the thought-invoking guidance, your choices should be whittled down and involve doing something you love to do!


~~Gina Marie Long, Web Copywriting & Content Marketing