SAMPLE B2B Blog Post – written by Gina Long Boekhout

Kitchen cabinet manufacturer selling to home improvement contractors…


5 Tips for Writing an Engaging Ad to Help Grow Your Business

Does your weekly schedule have too many open spots with nothing to do… and no steady income during those times? You want to be booked weeks in advance, but the phone isn’t ringing with prospective customers. People need to know you exist, so let’s bring some attention to your business!

Yes, that means advertising – whether in your local newspaper, online community or perhaps a good old-fashioned flyer as a newspaper insert or hand-out! Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered on what to include in your ads.

Here are tips for writing an engaging ad to capture people’s attention, triggering them to contact YOU for their kitchen renovations:

1) Take the time to explain what you do to create their custom kitchen. Mention the style, beauty and durability of BeDazzle Kitchen Cabinets and how they are sold directly to professional contractors, not sitting on shelves at retail home improvement stores.

2) Hiring a professional contractor saves people time, money and stress. Make the homeowner aware that inaccurate measurements can cause cabinets to sit unevenly, appliances won’t fit, and cabinet doors don’t close properly. But you have specific training and perhaps years of experience remodeling. You take accurate measurements, ordering the proper cabinets and components.

3) Let homeowners know you follow the latest building codes, work safely, and bring the necessary tools and materials to the job site. Preparation is your middle name!

4) Keeping on schedule and within budget is high priority for people and as a professional contractor, you excel at this. You promise to keep them updated throughout the process, limiting the time your customer has to live with the chaos and mess.

5) As a contractor, you know how DIY projects can become a nightmare, costing way more than anticipated, and something invariably goes wrong. If the homeowner decides to tackle the project and a problem arises, they’ll have to take care of it on their own or hire someone to fix the mistake. Be sure to highlight your warranty! Tell the homeowner if there IS an issue, you will fix it within the warranty period, which should give them a sense of security and relief.


Not all the above tips need to be incorporated into one ad. The size of the ad will determine how many words to use, plus if you have a graphic, that will take up space. If you choose short, clear points and a clean layout, you can fit more highlights of your business into the ad space!

These tips should get your creativity flowing to write a spectacular ad, drawing in your target audience, and filling your schedule with quality customers.


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>>Insert an image for impact (contractors can visualize making a profit).

The above is a fictional SAMPLE of my writing, complete with Notes to the Marketing Director of what links, photo, etc. to add to the blog post.