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I am a published author of several novels in both ebook and print formats. I have the knowledge to help you put together your book using the proper layout and format.




Need a ghostwriter for your book? I’d be interested in writing your book, under your name, and work out a deal for payment.

Need a biography or memoir written? Let’s talk.

Need someone to market and promote your books? I’m your gal.

The business of writing, publishing and marketing books involves many, many steps. I’ve experienced this and thoroughly enjoyed the process. There are no carved-in-stone rules anymore. The publishing industry changes in a blink of an eye. Some authors flail on the ground in defeat. Some coast along in neutral territory making a little money off their books. Some authors completely break “the rules” or others may follow consistent guidelines but blast into massive success from their book sales.

The general consensus for the best hopes of producing a successful book are:

  1. Write a good story.
  2. Have others edit and proofread it.
  3. Use a fantastic cover.
  4. Follow formatting guidelines.
  5. Finally – Publish the darn thing.
  6. Market it to the proper audience, but don’t annoy people.
  7. Immediately start the whole procedure all over.
  8. Which means – Keep writing more quality books. But don’t take forever to do it.

If you have a book project you are in need of help with, contact me. Again, this could be the actual writing of a book, formatting and publishing it to the online stores, preparing it for print, marketing the finished book or research for the book.

Just to put you more at ease, learn a bit about me here.

I offer a FREE 45 minute initial consultation to determine how I can help you reach your goals. Not into phone calls? No problem. Email works for me, too. I can write up a proposal and there is no obligation to buy.

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