15 Crucial Tips to Grab the Attention of Website Visitors

1) Get to the point immediately. Before any content is created, have
complete clarity about what needs to be said on the Homepage and to
whom. First impressions can make or break you. Keep the content clean,
clear and professional.

2) If possible,
use a logo that somehow identifies with your company,
idea, product or service. Use the logo consistently in your website header
and on any promotional material online and offline. It’s amazing how
customers remember logo designs and who it signifies.

3) A nice, crisp
photo of the business owner or members of the team
helps customers connect with you. They see a real person smiling back at

4) Allow for
“white space” on the Homepage (and all pages). Cramming
too much on a page appears confusing and messy.

5) The
Headline (and if using a Sub­Headline) should be about ten words.
Don’t try being cute. Keep it clear, simple and express value to the reader.

6) If using a
video for promoting your service or product, keep it under
one minute. Thirty seconds is ideal.

7) The best websites focus on the questions and needs of the visitors.
They are task­oriented and arrived at your site for answers. Always ask
how is this page helping the visitor.

8) Categorize your website’s topics. Do not overwhelm the visitor with
too many menu choices on the Homepage. Basic Menu Pages (topics)
are: Home, About, Services, Samples, Contact, Blog. Additional options:
Portfolio, Testimonials, FAQ, and perhaps a page focusing on a specific
niche or specialty.

9) Get visitors to do something. Don’t have dead end pages with no link at
the end of the content. Have
links that move forward to other pages.
Offer several opportunities (three is great) for customers to say “yes” to
something ­ anything! ­ on the Homepage.

Build confidence in the visitor’s mind. Trust­builders: toll free
numbers, live chat, use third­party security verification services and display
their seals, offer guarantees, free trials (if suitable), and testimonials.

Use a tagline in the header ­ best placed after the name of your
business/website. It should identify you, your business or what value you
can offer.

Collect leads. Offer a free newsletter, report, podcast, interview,
ebook or other useful information a customer could be intrigued to read.
This free offer needs to be on the first part of the page.

13) Post links where you can be found at
social networking sites. Most
common are: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+. Use their logos,
clickable to your account at those sites.

14) Your business, product or service will be remembered and gain bigger
profits if your content triggers an
emotional response. Show you care
with proper word choice. Get into your customers’ heads, decide what their
problems might be, why they came to your site, and how you offer
solutions to their needs. Use words that speak directly to them. Try to
balance what you offer with the benefits the customers will receive when
choosing you. If you touch their emotions, it’s more likely the customer will

take a positive action forward to request additional information or make a

15) Try not to appear “old school” in your website design. But don’t
overwhelm the visitor with fancy pop­ups and flashing banners and blaring
Hire a professional to design your site if you are not capable of
creating a professional look. If you already have a graphic designer but
need help with content and layout, then hire a person to write your copy.
Above all, express value to the reader on the Homepage. If they don’t
glimpse the answer (or the
indication you have a solution to their problem)
within seconds, they may leave your site.


“Get sticky.” The expression isn’t exactly professional, but it makes
sense to you, right? Your business needs to attract attention. Your
website’s message must be clear. Follow these crucial tips outlined in this
free report. They are the fundamentals of a successful business website.

Tap into emotions. Make authentic connections that will result in products
and services sold.

If you need help with marketing your business, email me
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