How to Get People to Notice Your Kick-Butt Business (No Advertising Required)

Are you face down on your keyboard, frustrated with trying to figure out how to get prospects to notice your business? These suggestions work whether you’re marketing online or offline. And they’re so easy to implement.

Sure, you can pay money for advertising, and in some cases you will be forking out cash to reach prospects and customers depending on what type of advertising method you choose: PPC ads, block ads on (e.g.) Facebook, banner ads, direct mailing, TV and radio spots, magazine ads (online and off), setting up a booth at conferences, etc.

However, those are modes of marketing. I’m talking about what you SAY in or on those marketing pieces. HOW you say it. Your tone and voice. Whether it’s paid advertising or free social media marketing.

You need to stand out in the crowd and to not be like every other business in your niche, otherwise you blend in, you aren’t noticed as much, there’s nothing putting a spotlight on your service or products. *crickets chirping*

And the spectacular solution to your current spinning-your-wheels marketing strategy?

Be weird. Be funny. Be weird and funny.


Ah, but there is a catch. You must be authentic and clear with your message. What you say needs to sound natural, not forced and awkward. Relate to your audience. Talk to them like they’re your friends. And your message needs to be clear, not confusing or sending mixed signals.

For the last year or so, I’ve been observing what catches my attention with companies and their marketing methods. It isn’t what is being sold, or what the company’s claim to fame is on the product guarantee, although those are important, too, when considering a purchase. But, it’s what makes me stop in my tracks and really read or listen to their spiel… what keeps them in my mind… It’s the fact I’m smiling or down right laughing at HOW they present themselves, what they are saying, and it makes me feel at ease.


The business or person or product or whatever is entertaining. What I see is either weird or funny (or both) in the form of information and/or images. I find myself chuckling over it and want to stay tuned to learn how it “ends.”

This type of marketing works. It:

  • Evokes an emotion in me
  • Is something I can relate to or have dealt with
  • Makes me nod my head yes
  • Makes me feel comfortable with the person/business/product
  • Makes me want to buy what they’re selling OR at least keep tabs on them for the future
  • Is useful information and I want to stick close to them for further goodies.
  • Is just pure hilarious and I remember it.

Obviously, this “be weird and funny” method doesn’t work for all businesses. It depends on what you’re selling, so use your best judgment.

One example of a company whose marketing makes me laugh is Friskies. Their “Dear Kitten” commercials are freaking priceless! And they went viral in a huge way. Wouldn’t you love that for your business? If you aren’t familiar with those commercials (and there are several “Dear Kitten” versions), do an internet search for “Friskies Dear Kitten” and be prepared to laugh your head off.

If you can create something that can be shared on the internet, there’s your word of mouth marketing in action. Many, many times this type of material is WEIRD and FUNNY, and people on social media networks love sharing silly stuff. But it’s not often someone will share a link to a regular old ad that screams, “Buy me, buy me!” (*ignore*)


I just experienced a type of word of mouth/sharing of information the other day… I’m a member of Blogpaws and receive their e-newsletters and updates. They mentioned a company –  Neato Robotics – and how they help with pet shedding. I have a cat. Cats shed. Tufts of hair drift across floors and stick to carpets. Anyway, my curiosity was piqued. I clicked over to and their website proceeded to entertain me for the next five minutes.

I found their little robot floor vacuums unique and useful (no-I’m not being endorsed to write that) but I also thought HOW they presented the product was incredibly funny and different. Hey folks, it caught my attention. Watching their demonstration video made my jaw drop seeing what that darn vacuum is capable of doing and the added quotes coming from the vacuum, as if it was speaking. Funny quips and all!

And I haven’t forgotten them. They’ve become “sticky” in my mind. This business stands out from the crowd because they are not boring and are not doing the “in your face” marketing tactics. Instead, they are showcasing their product with genuine and very clear copy, while bringing a smile to my face using weird and funny communication.

That’s an authentic connection.

So, it’s time to open up, drop the “all business” attitude, and show ‘em  your weird and funny side. Laughs are contagious… and that’s a good thing.


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